Tear drops

I wash my soul with the raindrops that fill my eyes.
Softening my heart.

Breathing life, opening the heart with love and compassion.
A seed of love to oneself and giving to others.

©Arthur Famous
7 June 2017

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Music of rain drops

Soft music like rain drops on my heart.
Soothing the heart and soul,
warm feelings lingering in the body.

Putting a smile on my mind
that can be found on my face.
Oh! music in it’s many forms and languages.

©Arthur Famous
7 June 2017

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What amazing sounds put together and dancing in the air.
Oh! Music.

©Arthur Famous
7 June 2017

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Moments connecting and living in the present with oneself and others

Footprints of emotions left in my mind and heart.
A moment of time captured in a memory.

Playfully and childlike running across my mind.
Leaving a smile on my lips.

Opening my heart communicating directly with my soul.

©Arthur Famous
7 June 2017

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Heart And Music

Music seducing and dancing with my soul.
Lifting and lightens my heart.
Calming my mind.
Living in the present moment,
dancing with the music.
My soul carried away by the music.

©Arthur Famous
7 June 2017

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Love in all it’s forms

I meet your eyes
Flashes of dreams are shown in my mind.
A life filled with warmth, kindness and passion.
Adventures that the imagination can’t keep up with.
Experiences and moments making the soul grow and smile.
Flashes of life spent together.
Old and grey with young souls.
Still smiling at each other.

Your smile, with your eyes…
Are drawing me in.
Caring hands and actions opening the heart.
Gestures of love balancing with lust.
Fantasies are blushing and fading pale.
Adventures beyond lust and desire…
Can this be love?

Your hair…
Framing the light of your soul,
that is shining through your eyes.
Can anyone blame me.
For looking at you.
And wanting to get to know your soul.
The energy and light beyond your physical appearance.
Getting close to your inne being.
Smiling souls dancing and playing.
On the shoreline of our hearts.

©Arthur Famous
23 May 2017

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lady In Pink

Rosy cheeks
Fields of sunflower
Lips with the taste of strawberry
Hands filled with kindness

Clouds with soft spoken words
Whispering to ones soul

Rays of sunlight delivering the message

Oh! how the universe conspires
in favour for the person in
pursue of a dream.

©Arthur Famous
17 April 2017

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Mastering emotions

I Am learning to master my emotions.
Like playing strings on a guitar.

A walking symphony, my soul singing.
And mind smiling.
A heart shining like the sun.

©Arthur Famous
30 January

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Vi är inte våra känslor

När vi bli sårade tar vi på oss emotionella
kläder för att skydda den sårade delen.
Det sorgliga är att vi byter aldrig ut dessa
trasiga emotionella kläder.

Som håller oss tillbaka.
Inkapabla att uppleva livet.
Uppleva stunden som är NU.
Gamla minnen, känslor sköljer över det
som är NU.

Gör dig själv en tjänst…
Börja på livets resa med att tag av dig
dina emotionella kläder.
Och visa ditt sanna nakna jag för dig
själv. Ditt nakna emotionella jag.
Det är där din styrka finns, ditt sanna
verkliga jag.

Det kommer vara en jobbig och svår resa.
Du kommer tvivla på dig själv,
Ifråga sätta livet och dig själv…
Men det kommer vara det mest
befriande och upplyftande du någonsin
gjort. Vilka inneboende krafter du har.

Kom ihåg, den här resan tar aldrig slut.
Du kommer stöta på fler hinder och
tuffa problem.
Men, du har nu verktyg och tillit på dig
själv att över komma dem.

Ditt sanna, nakna emotionella jag.
Genom livets resa.

©Arthur Famous
3 December 2016

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Effort is the road to success

Be prepared to withstand turmoil,
hardship, self doubt, facing your
inner fears and demons.

Be ridiculed, walking alone for the
most part. Because the effort is
to hard for most people.
Being confused most of the time.
Yet, you keep moving forward.

Why? you have come this far, lets
follow through wherever it may lead.
At least I am getting to learn about
myself, my limits and strengths.

Remember it is your journey.
Not other peoples, nor should it be.
They have their journey.

Effort is the road to success.
Consistently trying, making mistakes and
adjusting fast from the mistake maken
along the journey.

©Arthur Famous
1 December 2016

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